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Never Stop Learning

I know that there are probably dozens of factors, maybe even hundreds, that someone must juggle to remain successful in business. If you micro focused the factors, they range from sales techniques, negotiation, marketing, technology, and many more. However, I believe that one common factor is very important. In fact, I believe it to be the most important. That is to never stop learning. If you kept on learning in life, you will always progress because we live in a world of knowledge. Knowledge today moves things forward.

For many people, and especially some elder generations, I find a common mindset. That is, they stopped learning after they left school. A few even say to themselves that their learning time is over and they are actually happy with it. Maybe school was tough for them. I would say, school was tough for all of us. The truth is, the human brain can store a lot of “data” and even if we learned something every couple seconds, we would have only used up a fraction of our brain. It is almost infinite in terms of our lifespan here on earth. So no one should actually say, that’s enough, “our brain is full”. Most people who say that don’t realize it, but they do still learn things passively. Daily news, new driving routes, meeting new people, doing anything for the first time can all be considered input and is similar to learning.

For me, I like learning new things. Although I am not a learning junkie like some people are, I enjoy learning new things. Throughout my business career, each new venture offered new opportunities to learn new technical skills. I have to admit, learning technical skills were not an option, it was a requirement. I had to learn it to keep ahead so it wasn’t out of choice.

There is a string of new skills I picked up that I did not learn in school. I find that as I picked those skills up, they were still useful in other ventures. Skills such as Photoshop (a very useful skill for any Entrepreneur), simple graphic design, publishing using Adobe InDesign, website design, intermediate coding such as PHP, CSS, Search Engine Optimization, negotiation tactics (theory put into practical experience), plus inside information and experience on all the industry I was involved in. Until today, I am still using these skills I picked up.

While people argue that you can always outsource the technical aspects of a job, it is better to know it yourself as well. How else to be the architect of the solution of final result you want from the vendor? A professor at my University once said, a CEO does not have to know every technical skill, he just has to ask the right questions. That is very true.

So the best way in your power to ensure that you remain successful in all that you do, is to never stop learning. You might have heard it many times before, hopefully this is your wakeup call!

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