Business 101

A beginner’s guide to starting and running a small business


business-101Business 101 covers the basic knowledge that business owners should learn. I spent 4 years in business school building up my knowledge base which helped form the way I craft out strategies and think through problems. Business school is great if you want to be an effective manager or CEO and being among peers who are ambitious and intelligent really drives you to be the best you can be. Despite it’s many merits, I found that it didn’t prepare me enough for what I had always set out to do. To start my own business. You learn high level business topics like accounting, finance, marketing, logistics and so on but no course really came down to teach small business. Sure there were courses on Entrepreneurship, but I find they were geared towards building the next Facebook or Amazon.

Business 101


This section is geared for real life, small businesses. The 2 person marketing startup company, a one person Ecommerce business, the people who start a business small but have big dreams. Enjoy and I hope you learn something new!


by Dan Tan




Up to 8 Methodologies Used:

1. Income approach: 3 methodologies.

2. Market approach: 3 methodologies.

3. Asset approach: 2 methodologies.