Ideas to Make Money During the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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Ideas to Make Money During 2014 FIFA World Cup


You can make money during the 2014 FIFA World Cup and no it’s not sports betting. For nimble and opportunistic Entrepreneurs, profits could be decent to enormous when tied in to major worldwide events.

These opportunity to make money during the 2014 FIFA World Cup is not exclusive. Profits can be made during other events as well. For example, during the SARS outbreak of 2003 in Asia, an importer made $5m in 2 months by bringing in a water based air purifier. There was such high demand for bacteria free air that the products kept selling out and getting back ordered. The key to success is to identify quality suppliers, having quick shipments, and a large retail distribution network.


Here’s some Ideas to Make Money During the 2014 FIFA World Cup


Replica/World Cup themed Soccer Balls

Budget Involved: $2,000 – 20,000

Supplier: Less than 1000 quantity, find a local or national wholesaler. In bulk, import yourself. Add 2-3 months lead time.

Demand: Expected to be strong. Many people will be kicking soccer balls every 4 years.

Points of Sales Distribution: Hard to supply large chain sports stores, they have their own suppliers. Online sales via eBay, own website. Craigslist, local pickup. Place a lower markup and supply to local convenience stores.


Quickly Identify Trending Products and Retail Them

Example: 2000 World Cup trend was the Vuvuzela, many quick retailers sold thousands of the item.

Budget Involved: $2,000 – 20,000

Supplier: Ideally local wholesaler due to time constraint. If you identified and confirmed early, you could import.

Demand: Expect very high demand and stock issues. Item will be sold out at many retail outlets. Closely watch stocks at other stores. If everywhere is sold out of the item, you may be able to increase price by 15-20%.

Points of Sales Distribution: Online sales. You should have your keyword search engine optimized for your local city. You don’t need to sell nationwide and it is hard to SEO nationally for a hot trending keyword anyway. Your metro city demand will be more than enough.


Gifts Items For Retail Stores

If you own a retail store that, you are able to add World Cup memorabilia items complementary to your own products. You may also stock any of the items listed above.

Budget Involved: $2,000 – 20,000

Supplier: Local supplier or wholesaler. No need to import,

Demand: Medium to good demand. Non trending items may not move as fast but can add sales to your daily takings. Stock items that are unique and attractive.

Points of Sales Distribution: At your own retail store. You may also try to sell it online and use your store as a pick up point or packing and shipping center.


Have a Match Result Promotion

If you owned a pub, restaurant, sports store, etc and a decent bulk of your customers are soccer fans, offer a results based discount or promotion.

Budget Involved: None to start.

Promotion Mechanism: Check sports betting sites for probabilities of the result score (they usually have those). Then if the prediction is 1 goal to 3 for whichever team, offer a 1 for 1 beer after the match if you owned a bar. For other business owners, you can make up your own offer and promotion mechanism along this idea. Be sure to identify what is the action you want your customers to do. By offering 1 for 1 beer, you may fill your pub to full capacity and most people drink during the match, but you managed to get free word of mouth advertising among fans.


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