Why Startups Run Out Of Money

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Why Startups Run Out Of Money

  America is flushed with investment capital. If you got a solid business plan, proper experience, and passionate enough, you will eventually find a seed investor that will invest in your startup. Getting awesome capital to jumpstart your business idea is great but this can be a reason why startups run out of money. It […]

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Sales Rep Compensation For Small Business

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Optimal Sales Rep Compensation Small Business

  People work for a reason. To make money to support a living. There is a whole section in Management Accounting devoted to employee compensation because the pay structure affects their behavior. For example, a CEO with a higher proportion of stock options will make different decisions than one who is on a flat out […]

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Negotiation Strategies I Learned from Donald Trump

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Negotiation Strategies

  At some point in business, you will have to negotiate. You might have to negotiate with your supplier, landlord, client, or a strategic partner. There are times when you have to do the nerve wrecking thing and compete against larger companies for deals. There are some negotiation strategies I learned from Donald Trump’s books […]

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How To Compete Against Larger Companies

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  Most startups run into what I call the startup NKTB (New Kid On The Block) syndrome. Its just another way of saying the company is new and you need to build a portfolio or track record before this gets out of the way. While this would be a disadvantage to smaller startups, you are […]

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Best Way To Remain Successful

on April 13, 2014 Business Life, Running a Biz with 3 comments

  I know that there are probably dozens of factors, maybe even hundreds, that someone must juggle to remain successful in business. If you micro focused the factors, they range from sales techniques, negotiation, marketing, technology, and many more. However, I believe that one common factor is very important. In fact, I believe it to […]

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Up to 8 Methodologies Used:

1. Income approach: 3 methodologies.

2. Market approach: 3 methodologies.

3. Asset approach: 2 methodologies.