Advertising Mistakes Business Owners Make

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  It’s tough running your own business. You are the salesman, the manager, technician, customer service agent, bookkeeper, marketing manager and more all rolled into one. First off, hats off to those to persevere! With so many things to handle, it’s understandable to make some mistakes here and there. Some are important to correct because […]

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Small Business Social Media Marketing Review

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  When social media marketing first gained traction among the business community, it went viral. Many businesses invested heavily into developing their social media presence and clout. This was in part also due to the push from marketing firms who presented the concept as the new way to engage with customers. Marketing firms have to […]

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Are Employees Indispensable?

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  Are employees indispensable? The short answer is, no employee should ever be indispensable. It probably lies with the same concept as, no human should have absolute power. Call it pride, greed, or just a propensity to dominate when given the chance. It’s just, human nature. An employee becomes indispensable when “you need them more […]

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5 Tips For Managing Employees in a Small Business

on March 30, 2014 Business Life, Running a Biz, Startups and Tags: , , with 2 comments
Managing Employees in a Small Business

  Every new business owner at some point will have to hire employees. If you had a previous job where you had staff under you, you would have some experience managing staff. Now that you have your own business, you have to learn the art of managing employees in a small business. It is a different […]

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Your Startup Could Make Money from Day One.

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  Making profits from the day you begin is possible. Most seasoned Entrepreneurs may scoff at the thought as scammy but the truth is, I know several people who have succeeded in doing so. First we have to define what day one means. It doesn’t mean that you make profits before you setup the business, […]

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Up to 8 Methodologies Used:

1. Income approach: 3 methodologies.

2. Market approach: 3 methodologies.

3. Asset approach: 2 methodologies.