Should I Bootstrap or Find Investors

on February 5, 2014 Money Sense, Startups with 0 comments

  At one point before you start your new venture, you will ask yourself the question “Should I bootstrap or find investors?”. Many times, this would not be a choice for you and you bootstrap because you couldn’t find investors or nobody believed in your idea. Its important to note that if nobody believed in […]

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Business Ideas For 2014

on February 4, 2014 Startups with 0 comments

  There are great ideas, and then there are great business ideas.Maybe you have been thinking hard about business ideas for 2014. The difference between the two is that a great idea is just that. In a perfect world, someone would create a product or service with that idea, and offer it to people who […]

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Entrepreneurship Definition – A Real Life Explanation

on February 4, 2014 Business Life, Startups and Tags: , , , with 0 comments

  Entrepreneurship as defined by Oxford dictionary is “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in hope of profit”. According to Wiki, “entrepreneurship is a process of identifying and starting a business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources and taking both the risks and rewards associated with the […]

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Starting a Company to Sell or IPO

on March 10, 2014 Startups with 2 comments

  Starting a company to sell or IPO is probably the ultimate dream of many young Entrepreneurs. They learn about it in school, read about it in the news, hear the buzz among their co-workers. Financial news love these stories, especially IPOs. While buyouts and IPOs are nice and will make you truck loads of […]

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Up to 8 Methodologies Used:

1. Income approach: 3 methodologies.

2. Market approach: 3 methodologies.

3. Asset approach: 2 methodologies.